Welcome to the Website of UPPER LTDA

First of all, we like to introduce ourselves, because we are new in the Net. Our enterprise is settled in Fortaleza, in the Federal State of Ceará, Brazil. We under-stand us as intermediates for private persons and small, medium sized firms which specially want to invest, work or live in the Northeast of Brazil. If you want to import or export products/services to or from Brazil we can help you. This site will give you plenty of informations on these matters and if you wish, we will help you to prepare your entry.

Considering the clima, the region with lots of extraordinary beaches, but as well because of the warm human atmosphere, an engagement in the tourismbranch seems to be the goal. But also with Agrobusiness, Services or Industry you can’t do much wrong.

If you are thinking of Real Estate, your dreamhome on the beach to spend there your deserved pension, we can offer you corresponding objects and handle a serious, transparent deal and give you quality support by eventual reforms or new constructions.

Please understand in the moment, that this site is in construction and the informations are relativly scarces in relation to the final version, which should be available in a few months. But do not forget, that we depend on others to obtain this informations and have little influence to push this matter.

We would appreciate an informal contact under info@upperpro.com.

Any comments or suggestion about this Website is welcome.