Resume of Services

business consulting


For the preparation, we need from you:

a) ideas and targetdescription of your planned engagement

b) timeframe/terms for the execution

c) definition of the disponible resources for the engagement

Conforming to these circumstances, we can offer following services:

• Addressresearches via listings/data banks

• Analysis of locations

• Analysis of competition

• Analysis of risks

• Analysis of markets

• Analysis of prices

• Businessideas

• Intermediation of businnesses

• Contactestablishing to Associations, Federations, Organizations, Brokers

• Temporary representation of your company

• Translations

• Our contact exchange in the internet

• Offers/inquiries from Brazil or elsewhere

besides these, any typ of studies and/or analyses, which are required or necessary to start your type of business in Brazil.

Visiting Brazil

If you want to get your own impressions of the place we can

• Prepare your visit (Hotels, Contacts, Appointments)

• Accompaniments and coaching during these stays

• Evaluation of the results with recommodations

Visiting or participating on Fairs in Brazil

• Coaching/companion on Fairs

• Consulting of governmental subventionprogramms for fairparticipations

• Organization of your fairparticipation (stands, staff, etc.)

• Follow-up of your contacts during fairvisits or -participation

Settling new businesses

After defining the entrancestrategy:

• Selection of appropriate businesspartners

• Lay-outs/translating of prospects, flyers, productdescriptions

• Registration, creation and istallation of your Internetsite for Brazil

• Announceplacement with requires administration

Export to Brazil

Intermediation of contacts to

• Distribuitionpartners (Representations, Represantatives), Servicecompanies

• Importers (on own account)

• Representation of your enterprise with sales/distribuition of your products (respectably for this purpose)

• Councelling to custommatters over customagents (Despachantes)

• Lawyers (in this case to prepare contracts)

• Other Service companies, if necessary

Import from Brazil

• Product- and Serviceresearches

• Intermediation of contacts to

– Manufacturers or Cooperationpartners

– Exporters

– Transportfirms

Settling over partnerships (shareholding) or take-over

• Cooporation partner search: Elaboration of a qualify perfil

• Full support and backup for Joint-Venture projects

• Verifying finance/subvention possibilities in Brazil and the EEU

Setting up a new company/branch

• Definition of the localization

• Informations about Brazilian Legislation

• Information about govermentenal subventions, credits in Brazil and the EEU

• Making contacts to Banks, Lawyers, Brokers

• Sample contracts

• Building-up your company

Business coaching

• Patent and Trademark registration with Counceling

• Licences & Franchising – Negotiations, Confering, Acquisition

• Also after your business is already going, we are at your disposition for

– Coaching of specific clients

– Neutral Businessanalyses

– Marketobservations

– Time Management for your Brazilian branches


real estate



If you are ready to acquire a selected object:

• Verification of the real market value


• Counceling by real estate acquisitions, building sites or objects

• Procurement of real estate with your specifications

• Complete serious services regarding

– juridical settlements with notaries

– land registries

Building | Supervising

• Building/Supervising of your construction, reformation or building new

– Topography Services with professional Rotationlaser

– Elaboration of plans in CAD

Home Security

• Installation of securitysystems and/or 24 hours supervision

– X10 Systems (Control over Internet)

Renting | Maintenance | Supervising

• Fulltime or parttime renting of your real estate property

• Seberal maintenance services on your property with qualified labour

• Supervising of services

Other services over inquiriy ->


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Skype: upperpro