Short Marketsituation

Since the Brazilian government during the year 2009 established a series of rules to stimulate credit for real estate, the Brazilian banking system lowered the conditions to get real estate financed. The consequence of this policy was that the Brazilians prioritized the expenditure for habitation and in the past five years the expenses of the Brazilian people in this sector increased by 84%, according to research in this branch. Between 2010 and 2011 alone, the spending in this segment rose 15%. Consequently, the prices in real estate exploded, and increased principally the prices for land. That this situation could not continue for a long time was to be expected. There are rumors about a real estate bubble and in some segments this seems to be evident.
In such a situation, the purchase of real estate requires not only a basic knowledge of the market, strategic vision of the future and sincerity, to recommend a purchase and to differentiate as well the reason for the acquisition, whether it will be used to live there, for commercial/industrial use or as an investment. In this last case, property can rent out at a profit of more than 10% per year at the moment.

Besides that, we should as well mention, that when a foreigner is purchasing real estate, the prices tend to increase in comparison with when a Brazilian buys (which seems to be a cultural habit). For this, we have Brazilian partners to negotiate, to avoid this type of harmful business.
We advise as well on the legal part, by the preparation of contracts, we try to avoid misunderstandings, which would otherwise be treated by the slow Brazilian legal system, and other similar cases.

Our goal

Our specialized team will be glad to assist you to successfully complete a real estate transaction whether the property is a simple piece of land, a house, a flat, an industrial site or a farm in any location in the town of Fortaleza, the beach or elsewhere in the state of Ceara.

We cover all aspects of the property acquisition or sales process in a serious and professional manner. We carry out, on your behalf, the necessary transactions and obtain the legal documents. Our fees are competitive and usually substantially lower than those of our competitors.

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The following list, although not exhaustive, provides an overview of our services. We will take care of the necessary steps of the acquisition/sales process with due consideration to the rules and regulations of the country. We will assist you in obtaining the required documents that certify that the deal was completed successfully and that it is binding and within the legal framework.
Naturally, no two real estate deals are the same. We adapt our services to fit each particular case. We consult with our clients during every stage of the process, explaining the legal situation and monitoring any problems that may arise or limitations that may exist.
To summarize, we are confident that we can complete any property transaction to your satisfaction.
We believe that the long experience of our multilingual team enables us to provide better business deals than our competitors in this part of Brazil.

Our services include the search, valuation and selection of property, the negotiation for the purchase, selling or letting of the property as well as general real estate consulting advice. We provide legal advice through our selection of lawyers specialized in real estate, taxes as well as in visa, residence and immigration matters. Upon your request we can also project-manage the construction, renovation or alteration of your house or flat. We will also assist you to obtain your CPF (a type of tax identification card which is necessary to carry out any business transaction in Brazil) and introduce you to a bank to enable you to open an account. If requested we will also assist you with the administration of running costs related to your property.

selection and evaluation of property

As with so many things in life, real estate deals are most of all a question of confidence. Buying property in Brazil can be a tricky and daunting task that requires professionals who know the local situation and the people involved, how to negotiate in Brazilian Portuguese and how to deal with local legal and bureaucratic matters. This section is mainly intended to inform you about the purchase of land or a used house or flat. Generally speaking, buying a flat or house during construction directly from the real estate developer is easier and less risky than buying used property.

As you do not know the local price structure of used property, unscrupulous dealers may attempt to make a quick profit by taking advantage of your lack of experience of the market and of accepted business practices.

If you are offered to purchase property you should compare prices. This could well save you thousands of Reais, Pounds or Euros. In order to assure the best deal for you we can assist you by carrying out the selection and evaluation of properties through our choice of local real estate experts who have our complete confidence. You will receive the following information:

• Copy of the existing title register (braz. Matricula do imóvel))
(If there are mortgages or other debts on the real estate they are registered there.)
• Finding of the owner or a the real estate you are considering
• Probate Registry or equivalent
• Verification of the tax situation through the owner

purchase & sale of property

Naturally, this is the most important part of any real estate business. The wrong purchasing or sales decision could waste a lot of your money and cause you a lot of headache. If the sales person selling the property is not the same as the owner (e.g. a friend or relative) then he or she has to have a public power of attorney (braz. procuração). You should also request his or her identity card (braz. RG – Registro Geral) and CPF. (Tax card) This should enable you to match the power of attorney with these documents. If the seller is a real estate broker, ask for his or her “CRECI” card and get a copy of this document. Unfortunately all this checking does not assure you that you do actually negotiate with the rightful owner!

This is rather daunting and this is where we can help you. We will carry out the whole process for the property acquisition on your behalf.

Here are a few of our services:

• Analysis of the existing documentation for completeness and correctness.
  If necessary the localization of the actual owner
• Elaboration/Verification of the sales contract (braz. Contrato de Compra e Venda) through specialized lawyers
• Verification of the necessary documents
• Execution of land allotments

building – renovation – supervising

Construction and Renovation of houses and flats and provision of supervision services
In case your purchase was successful you are now the proud owner of a piece of land, flat or house. Perhaps you would like to consider a renovation, alterations or an extension of your flat or house. We can build your dream house for you! Without local know-how it is not easy to find professionals to fulfill British or European demands.

We can assist you to find good architects, builders and craftsmen such as masons, plumbers, electricians and painters. Here are a few services that we can arrange for you:

• Topographical services with professional rotation laser equipment
• Providing of all the necessary building plans and construction drawings (in CAD if desired)
• Selection of architects, builders and craftsmen.
• Obtainment of the building permission
• Supervision and control of your building project.

security matters

Fortaleza is a city with a population of almost 3 million – the fourth biggest city in Brazil.
Although the security situation in Fortaleza and its surroundings is better than that of Rio or Sao Paulo we nevertheless recommend that you take certain precautions regarding the safety of your property. We will be glad to advise you regarding this matter. The sharing of guards with neighboring property owners or the installation of alarm and surveillance equipment might, for example, is advisable. The possibility of monitoring your property from your PC in Europe should perhaps also be considered. We have several experienced service providers of our confidence who could install and maintain equipment tailored to your exact requirements.