Private Coaching


what do we understand by personal coaching ?

Visiting another country with another language, culture, climate, culinary and other customs, is even more complicated for Europeans or Americans in a tropical country, which is completely different from their normal home. You cannot distinguish all the differences which sometimes turn out even to be problems and you do not know how to react. After almost forty years of presence in Brazil and knowing the two sides, speaking the related languages, we offer immediate help for visitors to Brazil, especially here in Fortaleza, and also for resident foreigners, who have lived here for years, but have difficulties with the language and who do not know how certain things work in Brazil. To help people to live here and deal with these problems was and is the basis of this Website. We do not want to save your marriage, but we:

  • Help with financial transactions, such as buying real estate, transferring money to your girlfriend, financial support for a child, pension matters etc., so that the banks do not cause you unnecessary expense with exaggeratedly high charges;
  • Help with personal matters like marriage, separation and divorce, children and other problems in this field;
  • Orientation and perhaps assistance with the consequences of assaults, robbery, loss of documents, etc.;
  • Elaboration of contracts in different sections with legal security in mind;
  • We can recommend trustworthy lawers:

Although almost all the above matters are dealt with on this Website, in practice some people may not be able to use it. However we realize that ‘each case is a different case’ and may mean that our listing of help or services is incomplete.

In that case, here are some ways of contacting us:

Cellular: +55-85/88 05-10 00

Skype: upperpro